Updated mapserver-mode for editing UMN Mapserver files in Emacs

tl;dr Updated mapserver-mode for Emacs to help editing UMN Mapserver map-files is available at https://github.com/AxxL/mapserver-emacs-mode

I’ve updated the mapserver-mode provided by Hal Mueller. His last change on the code dates 2 years ago, the file was created 10 years ago. Using the mode with the current Mapserver version 6.4.1 was possible but a lot of keywords were not highlighted.

The code seems to follow the Mode Tutorial by Scott Andrew Borton. I left it that way and made some adjustments to the regular expressions. The way to do this is explained in the Mode Tutorial. You have to use the regexp-opt function.

My working files are at the tmp folder.

“keywords_level1_objects.txt” lists the Keywords that are Objects in Mapservers sense. All that are ended with the END keyword.

“keywords_level2_variables.txt” lists the variables that you can use in objects.

“keywords_level3-constants.txt” lists values that you can set to variables.

“regexp-opt-umnmapserver.el” is the file where I copy & paste the lists and start the regexp-opt function. After this I copy & paste the result (from the *Messages* buffer) in my mapserver-mode.el. It is a raw handmade workflow but it’s OK.

“todo_web_object_metadata.txt” lists the metadata for OWS services. They are not highlighted yet.

“issues.org” contains my notes for Todos and issues.