Making GNU Emacs play well on Microsoft Windows 7 (my additions to Sacha Chuas post)

Some time ago Sacha Chua posted a blog entry called Making GNU Emacs play well on Microsoft Windows 7. It offers a quick introduction how easy it is to install Emacs on Windows systems and you can follow that guideline. My system differs a bit from that and I want to show you on where and why.

  1. My path where I extract emacs is C:/bin/edit/emacs. I don’t like to put things directly under C:/ (except for my bin directory ^^) and I guess it’s not the best way to handle Windows. It would be more correct to put it under C:/Program Files(x86) but I don’t have the rights to create files there (which might be the reason why it’s better to put it there) so I decided to create a bin directory under C:/ where I put some applications. Also c:/Users/axxllence/bin/edit/ might work if you are the only user using Emacs or you have trouble creating directories under C:/.
  2. Start -> environment should list “Environment variables for this user”
  3. My home is: %HOME%=C:/Users/axxllence/Documents/home. I backup my Documents folder. I don’t backup every stuff under C:/Users/axxllence/ nor the AppData directory.
  4. OK
  5. My working directory in the shortcut is of course: %HOME%

One handy advice: If you want to create a file or directory in Explorer with a dot in front, you might have trouble doing it. Put a dot after the name and it works. (.emacs.d.). Weird but works. You can also use Emacs and M-x make-directory. Or you buy the essential .

That’s all. Not much difference. Have fun.